Infinite Capacity’s mission is to plan, create and produce creative arts and performing arts events to raise funds to support philanthropic organizations whose focus is equality and human rights.  These events will feature the top creative talent and be considered the "NOT TO MISS" affairs of affluent donors and creative personalities.  


Infinite Capacity, a charitable organization in Charleston, SC, was founded by Drew Cauley and Dr. James Cauley.  Infinite Capacity will host events for nonprofit organizations gifting 100% of proceeds from events directly to the benefactor’s projects. 


Dr. James Cauley and Drew Cauley are a same sex married couple raising their two adopted sons in the Charleston, SC area.  The Charleston community has been a loving , generous, and kind environment for their family to thrive.  The Cauleys hope for everyone to experience an embracing, loving and safe environment to call home regardless of age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.  This dream and the love of the performing arts inspired them to found Infinite Capacity as a nonprofit charitable organization. 


The Cauley family, with Infinite Capacity, endeavor to share their gifts and talents to encourage and aid non-profit organizations who focus on human rights to achieve their project goals.